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Smart installer for The Symbian applications.

Smart installer for The Symbian applications.

This post describes in brief what smart installer is, and why it is essential for the Symbian applications.

How will you run the Symbian applications in a phone which doesn’t have Qt SDK installed?
To overcome this problem Nokia has provided the simple solution i.e the Smart installer.

Smart installer is pre embedded in your .sis file, when you download an application from the OVI store, first the smart installer checks, weather the Qt is installed in your phone, if not it will download the latest Qt from the Nokia server and install to the phone. application gets installed in the post installation phase. This is how it works.

Please Note: If you are using the Carbide editor for Symbian application development, then smart installer doesn’t work. To make smart installer you need to have the Nokia QT SDK only.

Nokia QT SDK. Download link
Certificates for the Signed .sis file.

How to make the Signed smart installer for the OVI store.

1)    Launch Nokia Qt SDK command prompt.

2)    Go to application Directory,
3)    qmake
4)    make release-gcce

To sign the application, you can put the certificates in the current directory or you can refer it from the other drive also. If you are referring from the other drive please mention the Path properly.

 5) make sis QT_SIS_CERTIFICATE=publisherid.cer  QT_SIS_KEY=publisherid.key
 This will generate  signed sis file

 6) make installer_sis QT_SIS_CERTIFICATE=publisherid.cer  QT_SIS_KEY=publisherid.key
 This will generate  smart installer signed sis file.

Follow up these steps for the self self-signed Smart Installer package.


2)make release-gcce
Simple SIS file.

3)make installer_sis
Smart installer SIS file

more information about Qt smart installer can be found here

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